LUBBOCK, Texas — United Way CEO Glenn Cochran prepared to say farewell after 29 years. With a career spanning over four decades Cochran, was no stranger to nonprofit programs, fundraising and service.

He started his career with the Boy Scouts of America in Midland before holding various positions with United Ways in Shreveport, Abilene and Fort Worth, and his longest tenure right here in the South Plains.

“I figured out a long time ago that I was doing what I was led to do, and that it really makes a difference in the world,” Cochran said. “It’s not me, I feel like I’ve always had the easy part of it. It’s the people that are out there every day who are helping others in those agencies’ day in and day out. They are the ones I look up to and always have.”

United Way kicked off its 55th Loaned Executive Program this week and Cochran says these are the days he enjoys because he gets to help equip the next generation of leaders.

“Here in Lubbock, it’s all about people. This is the future of United Way somebody in this room will be campaign chair before you know it or board chair or leading other things in our community,” Cochran said.

Throughout his career he has faced challenged and transitions when it comes to philanthropy including the competitive industry, advanced technology while learning from it all.

“What it really comes back to is the whole United Way system that we have and how it works and our community partners that we help support financially. That really put our mission into action every day,” Cochran said.

As Cochran gets ready to retire, he says he will miss his coworkers and community leaders, but he is looking forward to traveling in his RV with wife Val.

“Lubbock is a wonderful community. I plan to be here. We don’t plan to go anywhere this is home,” Cochran said.