LUBBOCK, Texas — Folks with St. Francis Ministries celebrated National Adoption Day by finalizing the adoption of 26 children in Lubbock. For Melissa Williams, today was especially meaningful. After adopting four boys over the past few years, she and her husband finally adopted their first little girl. For families, like the Williams, adoption has given them a priceless gift. 

“We suffered from infertility, and so this is how we built our family,” said Williams. “Everybody deserves a home and everybody deserves parents that love them and want them and can care for them.”

Aimme Paquette, Texas Adoption Resource Exchange Coordinator with St. Francis Ministries, has been working towards this day for over a year. According to Paquette, the joy and love through all the ceremonies is indescribable. 

“For some children it’s been a long time coming,” she said. “It’s a huge day for these kids to finally finalize something that’s been in the works forever.”

This day is always a celebration of family, and the ending of thorough processes and planning. But, with over 4,000 children waiting to be adopted in Texas alone, Paquette said her work is still far from over. Despite those daunting numbers, Paquette is optimistic about finding each of them a forever family. 

“Once you make it past all of the paperwork, all of the training and you get that home study done and you accept your first child, it’s like opening a door to a whole new world you never had because you’re opening your heart, you’re opening your home to a child who needs it,” she said. 

Williams said the foster and adoption journey with all of her children has had its ups and downs. However, she also said that at the end of it all, she and her husband couldn’t be more grateful for all five of their kids. 

“We just thank God every day, that’s what we tell our boys all the time, is that Jesus picked us to be their parents,” Williams said. 

If you’re considering adoption, Paquette recommended visiting this website for more information.