LUBBOCK, Texas — Residents at Raiders Walk apartments were left in the dark with no explanation as to why they were without hot water for over a week during the Christmas holiday, they told KLBK news on Friday.

After the South Plains weather hit into the single digits, it caused many to struggle with their water temperatures. After December 20, the residents at Raiders Walk felt that impact for over a week.

“According to the vendor. When they initially fixed it, it was just a small gas leak that they had or was a part I think, actually the first time that was messed up…. And now supposedly, it’s because the pumps for the boilers themselves just don’t work,” Bryen Sizenback, a frustrated resident, said.

Sizenback said it was like a “wild goose chase” with property management.

“Most of the excuses they gave us was in person. Like I said, the only email we got was saying that it was fixed, basically,” Sizenbach said. reached out to Wendy Getz, the Regional Property Manager, who provided the following statement:

“We like many in the area have had issues due to the prolonged extreme cold that everyone has been dealing with. We are working with the appropriate vendors to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. We have 24/7 emergency maintenance available for our residents and we have reached out to each resident involved individually on what is needed,” Getz said.

After we reached out to corporate, Sizenbach said, “the apartment complex actually got in touch with us about hey, we want to give you a hotel to make up for everything, which doesn’t seem very kosher… Because now they’re actually garnering unwanted attention for the things they’re doing.”

Sizenbach wished that the complex would be more transparent and keep them better updated.

“Most of this fault does not lie with the office. It doesn’t lie with the maintenance team, or anything like that. This is all something that is forming at the corporate level, and then trickling down, making it very difficult for the office to do their job,” Sizenbach said.

As of Thursday evening, residents told us their hot water was returned and they said they hope it stays that way.