LUBBOCK, Texas — The Buddy Holly Hall Performing Arts and Sciences welcomed Lubbockites into the hall for their first performance two years ago. The hall has brought big names to the Hub City.

Buddy Holly Hall Performing Arts and Sciences took over a decade to flourish.

“It is a landmark building. And I do not use this term loosely. It literally is a world class Performing Arts Center. The acoustics are literally world class. But the Holly Hall is like the 15th venue in the United States that has the quality acoustics that we have,” Mark Bass, chairman of the Lubbock entertainment and Performing Arts Association Board of Directors, said.

The first performance at Buddy Holly Hall Performing Arts and Sciences was by a group of LISD students in the all-city choir.

“They were the first ones in the hall. We started on January 15, was our first all-city choir. That’s how we started we didn’t have an artist come in at that time, because we couldn’t. So, we started with our own students, which I think made it all more special,” Holly Fields, director of marketing and sales for the Buddy Holly Hall, said.

The performance hall opened during COVID and little by little, bigger names came down to visit and helped put us on the map.

“You’ve seen all the way from Bob Dylan to comedians like Rodney Carrington to Folklorico to other boys to man perform with the Lubbock symphony, and the Broadway series, which is you know, from our coming seasons, so many good things, Fiddler on the Roof is going to be at the end of this month. Hamilton’s going to be here for three weeks this summer, highly unusual for a market the size of Lubbock to attract that quality of performance,” Bass, said.

Since the opening of the hall, they have had hundreds of concerts, performances, and comedies.

“I wish I could tell you the Broadway future, we’re going to go to a three-to-four-night series potentially, we’re looking at that we have some blockbusters that we’re negotiating right now that are fun, and I think the committee is going to be very excited about,” Fields, said.

The performing arts hall is privately funded along with several donations and multiple organizations.

Both Fields and Bass say the Buddy Holly Hall Performing Arts and Sciences isn’t going anywhere and will be here for decades to come.

“It’s going to be here a long time. It’s gorgeous. I just can’t believe the reaction we get from the artists; I get to see that which is so much fun to see them say wow, I’m in Lubbock.” Fields, said.

To view the full list of dates, times and concerts you can visit their website here.