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LUBBOCK, Texas — As the businesses across the South Plains continue to look for workers, experts said the pandemic has created a shift in the job market.

Donald Hill, workforce division director at Workforce Solutions South Plains, said recently they have seen an influx in employers reaching out for help to find employees.

“The pandemic is on everyone’s mind still, and there are a lot of individuals that are afraid to go back into the workplace,” said Hill.

Hill said with the pandemic in play, many job candidates have shifted their interests, which in turn, is affecting the job market.

“Individuals are looking to work remotely from work,” said Hill. “A lot of individuals have retired and decided not to come back due to the pandemic.”

Martin Aguirre, chief executive officer for Workforce Solutions South Plains, said employees are looking for higher paying jobs.

“They want to make more money, so they’ll go to–I don’t want to say the highest bidder–the higher bidder,” said Aguirre. “We’ve had times where we’ve seen people move from one job to the next for a difference of maybe 25 cents an hour, when you multiply, 25 cents.”

Aguirre said job seekers are also looking for value when it comes to jobs and can pass up a higher paying job by weighing incentives other jobs offer.

“We’re paying the child care, so that’s a cost [they] don’t have to bear. If the business throws in uniforms, that’s something [they] don’t have to go shopping for clothes. If [they’ve] furnished equipment for the job, that’s something they don’t have to buy,” said Aguirre.

Aguirre said the No. 1 way people find jobs is through family and friends and that employees look for happy places to work.

“If I were a business and I couldn’t pay so much cash,” said Aguirre, “I’m going to make it the best place that a person can work and reward them in that way.”

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