LUBBOCK, Texas — Joyland Amusement Park was forced to close after a storm Monday caused flooding in the Hub City, including Mackenzie Park. 

“You can’t control Mother Nature,” said President and Owner of Joyland, David Dean.

The amusement park became more of a water park Monday night.

“An inch of rain will equal almost a foot of flood water in the Mackenzie Park area and inside Joyland,” said Dean. 

3 feet of water flooded into Joyland, turning the carousel horses into sea horses and bumper cars into boats.

“Mud is in everything. In bumper cars, in buildings we had, in game buildings, food service buildings, in rides,” said Dean.

But Joyland wasn’t the only area to see major flooding from this storm. The Buffalo Springs Volunteer Fire Department had to rescue a man from his car Tuesday morning after he drove into a flooded road.

According to the National Weather Service, intense rain can cause large amounts of runoff and result in this type of flooding.

For Joyland that means they have one mission over the next few days: Cleanup.

“It’s a lot of work to cleanup after a flood like this,” said Dean “We just ask for patience for everyone. We were off to a great start this season. 2021 was looking great, super and then this came along. It’s just kind of the way things are sometimes and you just have to work through it,” said Dean. 

Joyland plans to reopen on June 5 once the mess is cleaned and the rides are all working safely again.