LUBBOCK, Texas — The current owners of Joyland announced a deal Friday to keep the longtime Lubbock amusement park open. reported on the recent cancellation of the auction, but the buyer was not yet named.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

The following is a statement from the Dean Family:

David and Kristi Dean are pleased to announce that an agreement, in principle, has been reached to keep Joyland Amusement Park open! The new owners are two local business owners, Jim and Kai Evans and Darryl and Stephanie Holland.

According to David Dean, “We are so excited that the Evans and Holland (families) will continue to make Joyland a family-friendly amusement park for years to come.”

To help ensure a smooth transition, the Deans will stay active in the business through the 2023 season.

Kai Evans added; ”We are excited about continuing the legacy of Joyland and are thankful to have the Dean’s help to guide us through our first season.”

Darryl Holland noted, “Our combined experience in preserving and promoting legacy businesses in Lubbock is key to this effort to save a landmark that stretches back to its original opening in 1948.”

Complete details are still being finalized, but Joyland is expected to begin its 51st season in early March 2023.