LUBBOCK, Texas — A United States District Judge denied Thomas Boukamp’s request to postpone his trial on Monday, according to court documents.

Boukamp, 22, was arrested in Michigan in November 2020 and accused of kidnapping a 14-year-old girl. He was charged with cyberstalking and receipt of child pornography, among other charges.

The trial was set to start June 14. However, Boukamp asked to delay the start of the trial until “later in July or early August” so he can review documents and prepare a defense for himself, according to court documents written by Boukamp.

On May 5, a federal magistrate allowed Boukamp to fire his lawyers and represent himself. On the same day, the court granted a motion from prosecutors to partially restrict Boukamp’s access to specific evidence.

The evidence included private information on the underage victim and “contraband material including child pornography and erotica,” court documents said.

Under the partial restriction, Boukamp would still have access to all of the evidence while reviewing it at the United States Attorney’s Office. According to court documents, Boukamp was granted five nine-hour sessions at USAO before trial.

According to the judge, Boukamp had already attended one of the sessions at USAO and was scheduled for another.

In another motion, Boukamp asked to be released pending trial.

“I have presently been confined for a year and a half awaiting trial without the possibility of release,” Boukamp said, “and the emotional burden and substantial anxiety I have faced have been exceedingly painful and unduly oppressive.”

However, as of Monday at 5:30 p.m., the judge had not ruled on Boukamp’s release request.