The defense team for Rosendo Rodriguez, 37, filed court records on Wednesday in an attempt to get Rodriguez off death row.

Rodriguez was convicted and sentenced to death for the September 2005 slaying of Summer Baldwin, and implicated in the disappearance and murder of Joanna Rogers.

Their bodies were both found at separate times by workers at the city landfill.

The execution date is March 27, 2018.

State District Judge Jim Bob Darnell on March 6 denied a motion for stay of execution. The defense team argued that prosecutors violated the so-called Brady rule by not telling the defense about a lawsuit against Lubbock County Medical Examiner Sridhar Natarajan.

The prosecution denied any wrongdoing, arguing the defense should have filed a writ instead of a motion for stay.

The judge did not explain his reasoning in issuing the denial. On Monday, the defense submitted a writ.  In essence, the writ is exactly the same request, but it’s a different legal procedure.

On Wednesday, the defense team filed another request – this time asking that more evidence be turned over. will provide updates as to how the judge rules on the writ.

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