LUBBOCK, Texas–Lubbock County Judge Curtis Parrish signed an agreement at the county commissioner meeting Monday morning with MWM Architects for architectural services pertaining to the Lubbock County Expo Center.

Parrish said he hopes MWM Architects can join the project and help the committee figure out what fits the budget, after a slow start to construction for the past five years.

“This gives us a path to go forward so that now we know or we will know exactly what the cost of this facility will be, and then we can adjust our budget accordingly and work directly with IWM and the county to make sure that this project comes to fruition,” Judge Parrish said.

Ray Short, President of the Lubbock downtown AMBUCS chapter has been helping with the ABC Pro Rodeo for 33 years. Short said that since the demolition of the Coliseum, its had to move to Levelland, making it difficult on the rodeo each year.

Seating for the event, was also an issue, as the Mallet Event Center doesn’t hold as many as the old coliseum or a new expo center would.

“It’s, I mean, a great venue, but it only seats about 2000 people,” Short said. “When you move 35 miles away, we give that area over there, but our main focus is still the Lubbock Boys and Girls Club… So that’s kind of where, you know, it’s just a little bit tougher,” Short said.

Judge Parrish said the biggest issue right now with the project is funding through the private sector. The county raised its part of the $87 million dollars for the facility through the HOT or hotel occupancy tax, created back in 2018.

Committee Board members reported still needing to raise $15 million from donations. Board members said that there has been a rise in donations recently from all over the state. Short, who is also on the board for the new expo center, said he is confident they will get that money soon.

“The faster we can get it done, the faster we can get it built and I mean, serve the local community with an Expo center that will house concerts of the rodeo, stock shows, car shows,” Short said.

For donation information, visit the Lubbock County Expo Center’s contact page.

Once all funds are collected, the committee hopes to break ground Spring 2024.

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