A judge heard from the prosecution and defense Friday morning concerning a request by James Holland, 39, can have a lower bond to get out of jail.  The judge said he will rule on the request on Tuesday.

Holland is accused of continuous sexual abuse of a child.  He is held in jail on a $2 million bond.  His attorney argued in court records that the bond is excessive and is effectively a denial of bond in violation of Holland’s constitutional right. 

Holland was arrested on March 10 – exactly one month after Holli Jeffcoat, 18, was found murdered in a Northeast Lubbock County residence.

Jeffcoat was the step daughter of Holland.  According to court records, days before her death, she told school officials that she had been sexually abused by Holland and impregnated. 

Court records have said Jeffcoat was a special needs student with the mind of a child. 

Technically, Holland is not charged with sexually abusing Jeffcoat.  He was indicted for sexually abusing another underage family member.

Jeffcoat’s mother, Debi Bryant Holland, 38, was arrested in April.  She was charged with continuous sexual abuse, not for what she did directly, but, as court records alleged, facilitating Holland.

During a hearing Friday morning, James Holland’s defense attorney argued that other cases of continuous sexual assault had lower bonds.  The prosecution argued that the facts of other cases are different.

The defense argued that Holland has a place to stay and a job waiting for him.  The defense also said Holland is not a flight risk because he did not run prior to being arrested.

The prosecution then counter-argued that Holland had incest pornography on several electronic devices.

The judge proposed a few requirements of bond if he decides to grant the request on Tuesday.  Those might include ankle monitoring, no contact with minors, a curfew, and a requirement to attend pre-trial services.