LUBBOCK, Texas — A jury was selected Monday in the capital murder trial of Hollis Alvin Daniels. Twelve jurors and four alternates were selected plus two more people were put in reserve. The two will likely be let go soon. The potential jury pool had been whittled down from a larger pool of 55. Before that, it had been a pool of 250.

Opening statements were scheduled for February 6.

The jury will be told Daniels, 24, was aged 19 when he shot and killed police officer Floyd East Jr. on the campus of Texas Tech in October 2017.

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The jury will be told East arrested Daniels for possession of a controlled substance. The jury will also be told that once Daniels was inside the Texas Tech Police Department building with East, Daniels was allowed out of handcuffs long enough to sign documents. The jury will hear Daniels had a gun which he was able to steal a few days before his arrest.

Daniels was caught and re-arrested roughly 90 minutes after the shooting and has been held in custody since that time.

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Lubbock County Criminal District Attorney Sunshine Stanek and her staff are seeking the death penalty.