Today: Triple-digit heat continues with a high temperature of 101° for Lubbock. Light wind from the south this morning shifting to the southeast by mid afternoon.

Tonight: Skies will be clear across the South Plains this afternoon. After a day hot hot temperatures the evening low will drop down to 73°.

Tomorrow: Sunny skies will last into tomorrow as the heatwave continues into the weekend. Highs around 100°.

The southwestern United States still under threat of extreme heat this week as the drought conditions worsen. It is expected to get dryer before the end of the summer.

High Temperatures across the South Plains expected to reach triple digits this afternoon. Some areas to the east of the caprock may see highs around 105°. Those who work outside should take extra precautions against the heat. Staying hydrated and wearing sunscreen is essential if outside for more then 10 minutes.

The current forecast models do not predict a break in the heat within the next week. A small front on Sunday could provide some areas with some much needed rain but these chances will be isolated. Until these unseasonably hot and dry conditions pass expect afternoon temperatures in the high 90s and 100s.

Stay safe and have a great afternoon!

-Madison Hartin