The following is a statement from KamKad: 

KamKad Automotive Group is proud to enter a Stalking-Horse Bid for the Reagor Dykes Organizations. KamKad Automotive hopes to quickly and efficiently make it through the bidding process and restore the faith and commitment to the West Texas communities affected by this ordeal.

The Reagor Dykes Organization have always been focused on giving back and serving the communities in which they operated, KamKad Automotive intends to continue this legacy of commitment. KamKad recognizes that numerous employees and their families have been displaced by these proceedings.

Upon completion of the bid process, KamKad intends to quickly restore employment to as many previous employees as possible.

KamKad is dedicated to seeing customers through this tough time and restoring the confidence that was once in place not that long ago. KamKad looks forward to years of service to the West Texas communities and the families that call them home.

(Press release from KamKad)

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