LUBBOCK, Texas — Kennedi Diaz, 16, took her last breath on Wednesday after an 8-month battle with Neuro Endocrine Tumors. Her family said she touched many lives throughout her lifetime.

Kennedi Diaz was the baby of 4 siblings.

“The moment she came into this world, she was the light of our lives. She just had a sense and a spirit about her that was different from any anyone else we’ve ever known. We knew then that she was special, and that God had touched her,” Debbi Diaz, Kennedi’s mother, said.

When Kennedi was in the 8th grade, she started to have issues with her hips.

“And then it was just one thing after another, we’d do chiropractors, we’d go to get X rays do blood work. It was always something,” Debbi said.

On May 6th Kennedi’s dad took her to the Emergency Room and requested doctors to run an MRI and they didn’t know what was causing her so much pain.

That’s when Kennedi was Diagnosed with NET. Through Kennedi’s battle with cancer, her parents said she always kept the same spirit and never let anything bring her down.

That’s what made the 16-year-old so memorable.

“She just impacted a lot of lives. Every nurse, every doctor, every volunteer, even to the cafeteria, people that would come out of work at nine o’clock and go to happies and go get her something and come Is it with her for an hour, an hour and a half in the room? To the cleaning lady to everyone,” Debbi said.

“I mean, that’s a big impact. Yeah, one little person. Yeah, pretty, pretty amazing,” Samuel Diaz, Kennedi’s father, said.

Debbi said Kennedi did leave a lot of people sad after taking her last breath but they knew that she would be in a better place.

“She is free now and she’s no longer in pain. And she’s no longer ill. And she no longer has cancer. So, God took care of her and took her to a much better place,” Debbi said.

“Yes, cancer lost because she’s cancer free,” Samuel said.