LUBBOCK, Texas– A Lubbock location of fast-food chain KFC released an official statement on Wednesday morning in regards to a sign that some people referred to as racist.

A spokesperson for KFC said the location at 1208 50th Street was “vandalized with an appalling message.” The sign featured a racial slur about people getting sold for two cents.

According to KFC, the sign was discovered by employees when they arrived to open the store on Tuesday and was “immediately removed.”

KFC asked the public for “kindness and understanding” for the sake of the employees because, “This act of hate is felt heavily by the restaurant team.”

In addition to the official statement, KFC also posted another statement on its door that said, “Overnight on April 4th the sign at a local KFC restaurant was vandalized with an appalling message. This is an act of hate through vandalism. After discovering the sign had been vandalized and the letters had been changed overnight, the local restaurant team immediately changed the sign and contacted the police. Hate has no place at any KFC.

Lubbock Police said a report was filed but it was not yet ready for public release.