A Lubbock County grand jury on Tuesday indicted Abraham Delacruz, 27, for aggravated kidnapping.  

On January 7, the victim was dropping off her kids with her mother in the 7000 block of Avenue Q.  Delacruz approached her and got into her car with her. 

According to both the police report and an arrest warrant, Delacruz beat her violently, and strangled her.  The details of the violence are too graphic to be reported here.

She later told police that she believed she was going to die. The arrest warrant said Delacruz would not let her out of the car.  

After beating her, he made her drive toward another location, according to the warrant.  While driving, she jumped out of the moving car because she believed it was the only way to save her life.

She ran toward another vehicle in the 1900 block of 71st Street and got help from another driver.  According to the police report, Delacruz took over control of the victim’s car and drove off.

Police found Delacruz and arrested him on January 27.  In addition to several other charges, Delacruz was held on an “immigration hold” from the federal government.

Details of the immigration issue were not available in Lubbock County court records.  Delacruz would need to post a $75,000 bond to be released until his case goes to trial.