LUBBOCK, Texas — For 106 years, United Supermarkets has been serving communities across Texas and New Mexico. Being a longtime advertiser with KLBK, it’s only fitting to walk through the history shared for our platinum anniversary.

United opened its first store in Lubbock in 1956. They’ll be celebrating their 70th here in the Hub City in just a few years. But, from the very beginning, outside of groceries and merchandise, their dedication to giving back to our community has always been the top priority.

It was in 1916, the Snell family in Oklahoma started United Supermarkets. President of United Family, Sidney Hopper said, “One of the brothers spun off and came to Texas and opened up two stores here in Texas.”

Over the years, United has been able to grow in Lubbock tremendously. And now, “We operate 96 stores in two states. We have 74 stores in Texas, we have 22 stores in New Mexico,” Hopper explained.

With a little over 4,000 team members, one in 70 citizens in the city of Lubbock work for United. From the many different banners to the different stores like Market Street and Amigos… and of course new technology, the Snell family’s dream has flourished.

They now have their own distribution, in-house technology and accounting, manufacturing. “We’re very self-sufficient, which I’m very proud of,” Hopper added.

He said that 10-15 years ago in a typical grocery store there were maybe 20,000 items in a story. But today, “In a Market Street, we have you know, over 60-65,000 items in the store,” he added.

Founder Jack Snell was famous for saying, “We are in the people business, we just happen to sell groceries.” KLBK has shared the same goal, so one could say the partnership has somewhat been the perfect pair.

“I just hope we continue to be able to grow and grow in a way that every community that we’re in that we can play a big role in giving back,” Hopper explained.