LUBBOCK, Texas — William Kyle Carruth of Lubbock filed court records in his own defense in two ongoing lawsuits. Carruth admits in the newest court records he shot and killed Chad Read on November 5 in the 2100 block of 90th Street.

The case made national news after Read’s widow, Jennifer Read, on November 24 released smartphone video of the deadly shooting. She and Read’s mother, Jinx Read, both sued Carruth for wrongful death. Carruth’s business interests were also named in the lawsuits.

In a routine check of court records on Thursday, was able to obtain Carruth’s defense documents.

Carruth asked that the two lawsuits be combined into one, that the lawsuits be delayed until a criminal investigation is over, and the lawsuits should be moved to a city other than Lubbock (change of venue).

“From the outset, Carruth would show that his actions and/or omissions … were within the bounds of the law and necessary and reasonable ‘self-defense’ as such term is defined and applied in the State of Texas,” Carruth’s lawyer, Grady Terrill wrote.

“Nonetheless a stay of this proceeding is necessary until the resolution of any possible criminal prosecution of Carruth,” Carruth’s attorney wrote.

The office of Lubbock County Criminal District Attorney recused itself and the office of Texas Attorney General took over the criminal investigation.

A portion of Carruth’s civil defense said:


  1. As evidenced in Plaintiff’s pleadings. Plaintiff [Jennifer Read] and her deceased husband, Chad Read. approached Defendant William Kyle Carruth’s residence and place of employment, allegedly to attempt to locate Chad Read’s son.
  2. Defendant Carruth repeatedly asked Chad Read to leave the premises. Chad Read did not leave, but instead continued to berate Defendant Carruth and his employee, Chad Read’s ex-wife.
  3. A struggle ensued and Carruth was forced to use deadly force to defend himself his property and/or others, which caused the death of Chad Read.
  4. Plaintiff and her counsel, through their pleadings and various media appearances, have repeatedly pressured relevant authorities to bring criminal charges against Defendant Carruth for his actions arising out of the same facts and circumstances as this case.

Carruth and the businesses he owns “generally deny the allegations” of the two lawsuits.

Terrill argued that Carruth should not have to surrender one constitutional right to assert another. In other words, he should not lose his right to remain silent in the criminal case. But remaining silent puts him at higher risk of losing the lawsuits.

Delaying the lawsuits, Terrill argued, allows Carruth to defend himself in both the criminal case and the civil cases.

Terrill asked that the lawsuits stay on hold until the Texas Attorney General decides not to present the case to a grand jury, or until a grand jury grants a “no-bill” (rejects an indictment).

In addition to any delay, Carruth also wants the lawsuits moved out of Lubbock.

Terrill wrote on Carruth’s behalf, “There exists in Lubbock County so great a prejudice against [Carruth and his businesses] that [they] cannot obtain a fair and impartial trial…”

Terrill also wrote, “In the alternative, there is such a combination against [Carruth and his businesses] instigated by influential persons in Lubbock County, by reason of which [Carruth and his businesses] cannot expect a fair and impartial trial, and an impartial trial cannot be had in Lubbock County, Texas.”

In addition to suing Carruth, back on November 24, Jennifer Read filed court documents in an attempt to get custody of Chad’s children from his ex-wife Christina Read. A judge rejected the request on November 30 and closed the divorce case between Christina and Chad due to his death.

WARNING: The video below may be disturbing to some. Viewer discretion is advised. Wife of Chad Read releases video of deadly shooting