Lamesa community remembers family that died in San Antonio crash

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LAMESA, TX — The Lamesa community is in shock after a crash in San Antonio killed three people from the town, and put another in the hospital.

“I said ‘Deacon be careful, have a safe trip.’ And he said, ‘Okay I’ll see you next week.’ Those where our last words that we exchanged,” family friend Dilfina Luna said.

All of those in the car that was hit were part of one family, having traveled in San Antonio for a concert over the weekend.

San Antonio Police said the crash happened Sunday morning when the car was hit by a 17-year-old drunk driver

“[I got a phone call and] immediately I knew there was something wrong. He said ‘They went on a trip in San Antonio and they got in an accident. It was him, his son, his daughter, and his mother-in-law,” said Saul Hernandez, a friend and co-worker of Daniel Valenzuela Sr.

The three that were killed in the crash were 84-year-old Andrea Iglesias Uvalle, 69-year-old Daniel Valenzuela Sr., and 37-year-old Sgt. Daniel Valenzuela Jr.

Their friends and family are now heartbroken as they grieve the incredible people they’ve lost.

“They were very giving. They would give you the utmost respect and just the highest of integrity. And a very joyful family, in fact. A very joyful family and that’s how we will always remember them,” said family friend Bobby Gonzales.

Daniel Valenzuela Sr. was a deacon at St. Margaret Catholic Church and Our Lady Guadalupe in Lamesa. Friends say it was an honor to work with him and see his devotion to God.

Sgt. Daniel Valenzuela Jr. was a police officer in the Ector County Hospital District Police Department. He served the Lamesa community for almost 13 years.

Andrea Iglesias Uvalle was described as a truly gracious and kind women.

“I feel like I had the honor and the pleasure of calling them my friends because of just the kind of people they were,” said Luna.

While the community mourns this loss, they also pray for the 17-year-old that drove the car that hit this family.

“I cannot imagine what he is going to go through. How he is going to cope with this? He took the life of three people. One from the police department and one serving God,” said Hernandez.

But the community is focusing on supporting each other as they mourn those taken too soon

“We come together as a family and pray for one another and to support one another in this time of need,” said Luna.

The suspect in the crash is in jail and was charged with three counts of intoxication manslaughter.

No dates have been set for the funerals yet but the family has started a Gofundme to help with funeral expenses.

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