LAMESA, Texas – Amina Utegenova, an exchange student at Lamesa High School from Kazakhstan, has organized a 5k to support Ukraine. 

“Whatever you are, whatever you’re doing and whatever conditions you have in life, you still can help people,” said Utegenova.

Utegenova worries for her friends and community back at home, her hometown being only two hours away from Russia. 

“Every time when I see those photos and their houses and where they live, it kinda reminds me of my home. Those people who are sitting over there, those grandmothers, those sisters and brothers, they just make me feel like they’re my family too,” said Utegenova.

Utegenova is now doing all she can to help from miles away. 

“When you know that your best friend doesn’t know when she’s going to see her family and friends, It just really gets to your feelings, it really gets to your heart and I know that I can help. I just need to take action,” said Utegenova.

Utegenova has only had one person sign up to run so far, but it’s not stopping her from fighting for a change any time soon. Her first supporter, a custodian from her school.

“He’s really open-minded and a kind person who talks to me everyday and he was the first person who donated $50 to help Ukraine. It’s never late to change, it’s never late to help and it’s never too late to show support,” said Utegenova.

Utegenova hopes others will follow in his steps in supporting Ukraine. All proceeds will be donated to Razom, a Ukrainian non-governmental organization that works to support families in crisis. 

The Run for Ukraine 5k will be held at Forrest Park in Lamesa on May 28 from 7:30am – 9:30am. 

The 5k can also be walked and is welcomed for all ages. 
For more information on the run you can head to Facebook here. 
To register you can click here.