LUBBOCK, Texas — Every year, there are shoppers that dart into grocery stores to get those last-minute items for their big Thanksgiving feast.

Often when you wait until the eleventh hour, those Thanksgiving staples are gone, but not this time around.

“This year is probably as close to normal as we’ve been in the last two years,” said Tim McCullar, store director at United Supermarkets. “You see lots of people buying the traditional things that they want for their Thanksgiving Day dinner. The supply chain seems to be more stable, and we’re in stock of a lot of items that maybe the last two years we haven’t had for them.”

McCullar said his team works far in advance to ensure they have enough turkeys and hams.

“The majority of Turkeys we sell are frozen, so those are actually secured a year in advance,” McCullar said. “We’ll start ordering next year’s Turkey right after we finish this year’s holiday season.” 

Zariah Hernandez said her family needed a lot of groceries to prepare for the big day. She said they had no problems at all.

“We found our turkey, we found our corn and we found our vegetables,” Hernandez said.

Bethany Klassen said she always tries to avoid grocery shopping the day before holiday, but she was pleasantly surprised she could find anything she needed for her holiday meal.

“There are random things that have been empty that surprise me,” Klassen said. “Every time I go shopping, it seems like there’s one thing that’s empty, so that’s why I’m surprised that for the holidays, there’s not more that isn’t there and everything’s been available.”

McCullar said in comparison to years past, this year’s Thanksgiving experience has been a success.

“This year, I am really pleased that the supply chain is stable, the pipeline is full, and we’re doing what we can to take care of every guest,” McCullar said.

United Supermarkets will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, so be sure to check off all of your grocery items Wednesday evening before the stores close. Select locations are open until 11 p.m.