LUBBOCK, Texas — The 2021 Water Quality Report shows Lubbock water is well within contaminant levels deemed safe for consumption by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

“We’re really excited to be able to say from year to year that Lubbock water is safe,” Director of Water Utilities Aubrey Spear said. “We meet or exceed all the different requirements to make sure that this water is safe for our customers to drink so they don’t have to worry.”

The report shows levels of arsenic averaged at 1.95 parts per billion, below the maximum contaminant level of 10 that is deemed safe. Levels of cyanide dropped to 67.1 parts per billion from 121.4 the year before, with 200 considered safe. There was no lead detected in city water. Each contaminant tested well below the safe limit, including uranium, nitrate, barium, carbon, and fluoride.

“The water that we drink in the United States from our tap is the safest water in the world by far,” Spear said. “It’s not only the safest water for you to drink because its the most highly regulated, but it’s also the cheapest water you will get.”

However, Spear emphasized that individuals still have the responsibility to ensure their own plumbing is safe.

The report explains that, although there is no detectable lead in our water, old plumbing or corroded pipes can leak it into your own water. The city recommends checking your plumbing and replacing lead pipes, especially in systems installed prior to the mid-1950s.

They also recommend replacing old faucet aerators, flush cold taps to use water that has been sitting in pipes, and use only cold water for cooking and drinking, as sediments and bacteria can accumulate in hot water heaters.

“We want everybody to understand that we are responsible for the water getting to your meter. Once it gets into your line, you’re responsible for your plumbing. There’s things that you can do to make sure you don’t have any problems.”