LUBBOCK, Texas — The Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office said they’re facing a shortage across their department in multiple positions. Sheriff Kelly Rowe said he is hoping they can hire the right staff, to get the job done.

“Really over the last couple of years, it has become much more challenging,” Rowe said. “I’ve seen some analysis out there, some national studies that indicate applications for law enforcement across the country are down as much as 65%.”

Sheriff Rowe says they are used to seeing at least hundreds of applications, but recently, they’re lucky to get at least 30 to 40 a month, with only a handful being hired. With other factors like money, hours, and the strain of the job, Sheriff Rowe said many are choosing to leave the force as well.

Sheriff Rowe said those who leave have gone to local district police forces.

Kathleen Finley, director of logistics for LCSO, said their positions bring on Many opportunities from day one, offering good benefits and pay to start at $39,000 a year for entry-level positions.

“Even if they start as an entry-level officer, the opportunity to be promoted into a detention officer position available from there, promoted up through the ranks as Training Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant captain, and the detention division is somewhere that they could take their career,” Finley said.

Finley said those interested can apply online, then they go through a round of background and fitness checks, as well as interviews and training.

LCSO said they’ve seen people hired with many different backgrounds, from former military police to schoolteachers and counselors. She said LCSO can provide stability after retirement, whether it’s your first job or your last.

“You can come into a career as an entry-level officer at 18 years old. You can start preparing for retirement and retire after 20 years of service, that’s something that you don’t get an opportunity with a lot of jobs,” Finley said.

The Detention Center has about 300 positions and on average 8 to 10% of them remain unfilled.

For more information on positions, salaries, or the job process, visit here.