LUBBOCK, Texas – 19-year-old Kaeze Zen was at Cotton Fest, a music festival at Cooks Garage, when he said he was attacked by a group of men. Zen says he was kicked in the face, which resulted in a broken jaw.

Zen recalled feeling scared and angry.

“It’s all these extra medical bills and stuff like that, that I shouldn’t have. It’s not a result of something that I did, but I get to take care of it.”

Zen said he was sitting on a cooler talking to his girlfriend when a man pointed at him.

“I saw this dude, you know, kind of pointing at me, and I kind of went to turn and look, and I just got hit. It was unprompted. There wasn’t anything that happened–I just got hit,” Zen said.

The injuries from the attack were so severe that Zen said his jaw bite would never be the same. He is currently unable to feel his jaw and is on a liquid diet. Zen will also need to go through physical therapy to learn how to chew again.

“I hate it. It sucks. It doesn’t make me happy at all,” said Zen, “It’d be different if it was my fault, or if, you know, I had any wrongdoing in the situation. But it’s kind of just like somebody steals your wallet–somebody takes something from you, and you have no clue as to why.”

The only thing Zen has now is a long road to recovery. 

“I have what could be permanent nerve damage to my chin and bottom lip. I’ve lost almost 15 pounds over the course of nine days,” said Zen. 

Zen’s family said they hoped the people who did this step forward to take accountability. 

“I do wonder why. Grown men are supposed to be role models. I don’t understand why you would go into public and carry yourself like that and do something like that to a 19-year-old,” said Zen.

The Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office is currently looking for eyewitnesses or videos from the fight. You can contact investigator Brian Thieme at 806-775-1412 with information or email tips to 

Calls with information can also be directed to Carlson Law Firm at 806-620-6840.