LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Christian University debuted a new exhibit called “Story of God in Scripture and Stone” on Wednesday.

The exhibit showcases a collection of historical replicas and artifacts spanning from before the time of Abraham and Jesus.

Longtime friends of the University Bert and Betsy Rahle gave generously to establish the exhibit.

Old Testament and Biblical Archaeology Professor Dr. Jesse Long Jr. says teaching the Bible is his life, and he is glad students have a reference point when learning.

“It’s fun to watch and see students as they stop and look at the artifacts, as they read the plaque cards and the captions in the photos,” Dr. Long said. “The response has really been overwhelmingly good and positive.”

The exhibit is located in the College of Biblical Studies., some of the cases include items such as the ten commandment scrolls, pillar figurines and Bibles.

New Testament and Emeritus Professor Charles Stephenson says they are fortunate to see how these materials played and important roll before the 1800’s until now.

“They get to reach into something that they just kind of heard about. The Bible was back [then], and with the archeology that we have in the cases and these ancient copies of the New Testament, and we have two Old Testament copies,” Stephenson said. “That these put it right in the world we live in.”

Dr. Long says the goal is not only for students but colleagues and visitors to relive Biblical moments, and experience what God has done for us all.

“This shouts for Historical acceptance!” Stephenson said.

More cases will be added to the exhibit overtime, and it will have a permanent home in the building.