LUBBOCK, Texas — The Lubbock Economic Recovery Task Force (LERT) unveiled a proposed online portal for approval by the Lubbock City Council. The city council met Tuesday afternoon. The portal will allow businesses to sign up and state their intent to follow the proposed guidelines.

The city council adopted the proposal just before 6:00 p.m. The location of the online portal was then revealed on Wednesday.

Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope appointed LERT in mid-April with United Family CEO Robert Taylor and City Councilman Steve Massengale as co-chairs.

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LERT originally wanted to mandate items for reopening Lubbock businesses, but it was overruled by the governor’s order on Monday. Many items were changed to “should” instead of “must” because of the governor’s order. covered the Monday announcement by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

The following are the proposed Lubbock Safe Guidelines which were then approved by the city council:

  • Hand sanitizer stations should be at the entrance of every business
  • At-risk persons should stay at home
  • Face masks should be worn by customers and might be required by employees to the extent it does not violate the governor’s executive order
  • 6-foot social distancing should be followed
  • Employees should be trained on cleaning and disinfecting procedures
  • Employees and volunteers should use hand sanitizer or wash hands between customers
  • Physical barriers should be placed where possible to help keep distance
  • Employees should be tested for temperature and asked about symptoms before each shift
  • Touchless payment should be encouraged
  • Cleaning every 30 minutes should be done
  • Signs and marking should be placed to help with spacing (and required to the extent that it does not violate the governor’s order)
  • In shopping malls, children under 18 should be accompanied by an adult
  • Food courts and other social gathering places in malls should (and possibly must) remain closed
  • LERT will ask big box retailers to limit occupancy (usually 25 percent or less). It cannot be mandated because of the governor’s order
  • Restaurants asked to limit 6 or less per table, reservations encouraged so people don’t stand in line, buffet to be avoided – menu items only
  • LERT will ask restaurants to have all employees wear masks, tables sanitized between customers,
  • Non-essential medical places, asking patients to wait in their vehicle until called to the exam room for the doctor
  • Employees of non-essential medical places strongly encouraged to wear face masks and gloves
  • Childcare providers asked to have pickup and drop-off outside, not indoors.
  • Childcare providers asked to serve individual meals, not shared meals
  • Houses of worship, if possible do outside or drive-up services, alternate rows if indoors, no childcare unless certain requirements met, staff to sanitize between services. Please don’t pass a collection plate, and sacraments should be done without common touch items
  • Event centers (like theaters) should close playgrounds or other common areas
  • Outdoor gatherings including graduations or political events, please maintain social distancing and face coverings, food and drinks kept in designated areas, tables and chairs etc. cleaned within two hours after the event ends
  • Outdoor flea markets, please follow restaurant rules for food, and outdoor event rules as well
  • Warehouse and distribution centers should clean touch points every two hours

LERT wanted to allow personal care businesses, gyms, bowling alleys, and bars to be part of phase 1 of its plan, but they were pushed back because of the governor’s order on Monday.

The city posted a document with more information on its website.

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