LUBBOCK, Texas — According to a website, a group of Texas Tech University alumni are campaigning to “Level the Bevel” on the Texas Tech logo – in other words, remove the 3D elements of the iconic Double T.

The Double T was first introduced in 1926 and officially adopted by the school in 1963, according to Texas Tech. The logo remained unchanged until the year 2000 when it was updated to the beveled design.

According to the website, the beveled logo has “served the modern era of Texas Tech well,” but a surge in popularity of the vintage flat design has called for a change.

Only one other school in the Big 12 Conference — Iowa State University — has a beveled logo as of 2022.

The owner of the website was listed as anonymous in a DNS lookup. The dot-com was registered on June 17, 2022. was not able to contact the website owner. A similar movement started on Twitter in 2021. The owner of the Twitter page, whom we reached via direct message, is not associated with the website but did link to it in the profile.