LUBBOCK, Texas – Levelland citizens have officially submitted a petition with over 700 signatures to the city secretary’s office to force a recall election of Mayor Barbra Pinner.

Citizens decided to submit a petition after Pinner refused resign when she shared a racially sharged Facebook post in June.

“To me, it’s our responsibility,” said Manual Mendez Jr., a former Levelland City Councilman. “If you don’t like what one of our elected officials are doing, this is the process.”

According to Levelland City Secretary Andrea Corley, to force a mayoral recall election, citizens must garner the signatures of at least 10 percent of Levelland registered voters. Once the signatures are submitted, Corley has 20 days to verify at least 642 signatures.

According to Corley, if at least 642 signatures are verified as registered voters, the mayor has five days to resign. If the mayor refuses to resign, on the sixth day, the Levelland City Council will convene and set an election recall date, which much must be held within 40 to 60 days.

When asked for a comment, Mayor Pinner said she did not have one.