LEVELLAND, Texas – SkyGardens, a flower farm based in Levelland, took a hit with this year’s weather but they’re finally seeing a glimpse of hope after the recent rain.

“It’s been such a blessing, these guys have just shot up these past few days, they just keep on pumping them out,” said Skylar Richardson, owner of SkyGardens. 

The gardens had a few setbacks throughout the seasons.

“We had our two high tunnels, well, one of them was completely done and was fully functioning, we had beautiful flowers, and then in April, the cover got ripped off and we had a hard year with the wind in the springtime,” said Richardson. 

With this year’s drought, the gardens worked hard to stay afloat. 

“We were wondering if we were even going to have any flowers this year and how we’re going to be able to pay the bills and everything,” said Richardson. We had multiple crops wiped out by not being able to germinate the seeds, and they’re all on drip line and whenever the moisture is coming out of the ground faster than you can even get it in, there’s no hope really to get things going for a while there.”

However, Richardson says, the garden has blossomed this season despite the setbacks.

“This past week, we have just been blessed with a lot of moisture which has been amazing. We’ve seen runoff for the first time in about a year probably and not that it didn’t run off into the lake beds, but it’s actually puddled here.”

The recent rain gave the garden the boost it needed to start the next season strong.

“It should give us a good stand to be able to keep on providing flowers until the freeze happens, this is a great base to also build for spring of 2023 so it’d be pretty awesome,” said Richardson.

You can find flowers from SkyGardens in United, Marketstreet and the Wolfforth Farmer’s Market.

You can also visit their website for more information.