LUBBOCK, Texas — Levelland Mayor Barbra Pinner, on her personal Facebook account, shared a post containing a racial slur over the past weekend.

The post she shared begins with the author saying, “A FORMER [N-word] WROTE THIS…” and goes on to share a long quote which came from a Black Army veteran — according to the post — and contains the slur several other times.

The post also includes negative comments about Michael Brown, an unarmed black man killed by a police officer in Missouri in 2014. It went on to criticize recent protests, and went as far as to compare African Americans to monkeys.

According to an article from, the message in the post that Pinner shared has been around since 2014. Snopes, which is a fact checking website, also questions the authenticity of the message in its article.

Later, Pinner posted a status that said, “This morning I shared a post written by an older black gentleman that I thought was very well written but apparently several people have taken offense and now think I am racist. I am not a racist in any way, shape or form! I’m very sorry if offended ANY one. That was not my intent.”

Image provided by a KAMC/KLBK viewer.

On Monday, Levelland citizens came together at the courthouse square, asking for an apology from Pinner. She posted an apology on her private Facebook.

On Monday, she offered a further apology. Here is a quote from it, from KLVT.

“My heart aches as I have hurt many members of my own community by sharing a post from another individual on my personal Facebook page. It was never my intention to minimize the pain and suffering that African Americans have endured throughout history and are currently enduring.”

The City of Levelland also released a statement regarding diversity, saying it does not condone the post that Pinner shared.

Pinner began her tenure as Levelland’s mayor in 2015 and is currently serving her second term. reached out to Levelland City Hall for a comment from Pinner, but have not heard back as of Monday afternoon.