LEVELLAND, Texas — The City of Levelland is working toward a solution for an infestation of beetles, the Hockley County Emergency Management Coordinator Cole Kirkland confirmed on Thursday.

Residents from the Kauffman Addition made concerns of an influx of Red Flour Beetles back in May 2022, according to Kirkland. It wasn’t until last Friday that the city called a meeting to figure out what was going on.

In a town hall on Monday, citizens expressed agitation with the ongoing beetle issue.

After that, code enforcement had affidavits written and search warrants were issued through the municipal court, Kirkland said. Texas Agri-Life Entomologists used pheromone traps to test for beetles at grain-hauling businesses in the Industrial Rail Park area. Results of the test indicated that Red Flour Beetles were present at Penny Newman, Titan Lansing and Archer Daniels Midland.

I want to make it clear to citizens that they do have a team on their side. We appreciate the citizens, I feel like they have been more than reasonable. We want for them to be able to get back to living their lives and enjoying their homes and we can get back to serving the city of Levelland.

Cole Kirkland, Hockley County Emergency Management Coordinator

Now, the city awaits an official analytical report from entomologists for treatment protocols and appropriate plans for that species of beetle. Red Flour Beetles produce a foul odor, according to Kirkland, and are more of a nuisance than anything.

In the town hall meeting Kirkland said “the lack of due diligence on the City’s behalf is, in my opinion, unacceptable,” and he feared that because the infestation persisted so long, there could be secondary and tertiary sources, making it more difficult to stop the spread.

Kirkland said there is always room for improvement and that the city will do an after action review garnering input from the council and citizens on ways to improve in the future.

As for what citizens can do now to protect their homes and prevent further spread, Kirkland said to make sure that your home is sealed up good to keep the beetles, and all pests, out.

We will provide updates as the City of Levelland releases information on report findings.