Levelland neighbors speak on lockdown during deadly standoff

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Residents who live in the neighborhood where Thursday’s deadly standoff took place spoke on their experiences amid the chaos.

“I’ve been living in Hockley County for 43 years, and I never experienced something like this,” said Levelland resident Jamie Gonzalez. “My heart is broken.”

Gonzalez said he was outside his apartment when he started hearing gunshots.

“I know they were gunshots because they were going Boom! Boom! Boom!” said Gonzalez. “I was nervous, and I was kind of scared because all the action was coming toward me.”

Gonzalez said there was even a bullet that came close to where he was standing.

‘We heard it go [like a whistle],” said Gonzalez. “We saw it go through, and then the officers just came and said, ‘You need to leave.'”

Gonzalez said he ran into Chavira one day, who told him he did small auto repair projects. Gonzalez said within the brief time he ever saw him, he would never have expected him to do what he did.

“I really thought he was just a young kid trying to grow his life,” said Gonzalez.

Roberta Muñoz said she only lives a few houses down from the standoff and was fearing for her children’s life.

“We actually got barricaded around 3 o’clock. We were not allowed to exit our homes,” said Munoz. “You know, I shelter my kids pretty much, and this isn’t something I would want them to experience, and unfortunately, I wasn’t given an option.”

Munoz captured footage on her phone as the standoff continued for hours and said recalls the disturbing sounds of gunfire.

“I mean, at some point, there was nine followed by five gunshots,” said Munoz. “I mean, it did get scary because we don’t know where those roaming bullets [were] going.”

Neighbors said they would never forget that horrific day.

“I’m just glad that it’s over, I’m glad they got him in custody, and I believe that he should pay his consequences,” said Gonzalez. “I feel sorry for the SWAT leader. He lost his kids, his wife, and over a kid who is not even grown–25 years.”

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