Levelland woman survives COVID-19, still recovering a year later

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LEVELLAND, Texas- One Levelland woman contracted COVID-19 a year ago and said she is still recovering.

Christina Washington contracted COVID-19 in July 2020 and said just last month she was taken off oxygen.

“I’m still not able to walk the two miles I was used to walking, I get winded, I do what I can do,” said Washington.

Washington said she remembers all too well the memory of being in the intensive care unit for 16 days.

“The only thing I kept thinking about is I did not want to die alone,” said Washington. “I can’t afford to go back where I was, I just don’t know if I will make it.”

Washington’s daughter-in-law, Sara Holley, said the family did not know what to expect when Washington was in the hospital but that they tried to make her feel better.

“She did go down very quickly,” said Holley. “The first week she was really not feeling well and was not really herself and we really didn’t have much contact. Once she started perking up and feeling better then we were able to take her little goody bags or the kids drew her some pictures.”

Diana Parsley, Washington’s friend, said it was difficult seeing her friend in the hospital.

“She’d do a video call and it was so awful,” said Parsley. “She’d be on a ventilator, that hose all stuck in her nose. She couldn’t breathe and she was constantly crying because Christina is the type of person who loves to be around people.”

Washington spent four months confined to her home on an oxygen machine until she gradually started going out. Washington said she missed not being able to see her grandchildren.

“It was very overwhelming,” said Washington, “sitting here all day, day in, day out, thinking about different stuff like that.”

Washington said the threat of another pandemic storm is a concern and said if things get worse, she would take precautionary steps to stay safe.

“We’ve made the decision that if it happens again, I’m going to take that extra precaution to stay at home,” said Washington. “I know what I went through then and how scared I was and I don’t want to go back to that. “

Washington said she hopes others take precautions to not only help keep themselves safe, but others safe as well.

“Be cautious. Be aware of your surroundings. Wash your hands,” said Washington. “Wear that mask if we go back into that. Wear them. What’s it going to hurt?”

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