LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Fire and Rescue and Firework vendors warned the public to be responsible this New Year’s Eve with fireworks.

LFR Public Information Officer Taren Perkins said in a statement: “Handle these explosive devices with care and caution…and be aware a small fire can quickly become a larger out of control fire.”

Perkins also said, as a precaution, if you happen to pop fireworks this New Year’s Eve, bring a fire extinguisher or bucket of water in case a fire gets out of hand. 

The Lubbock-Cooper marching band decided to sell fireworks as their fundraiser this year for their band banquet. Bobbie Tinkler, communications officer for the club, said even though this is their fundraiser for their band banquet, they still want people to be responsible and safe with the fireworks they purchase.

“Safety first, safety is the number one priority. We are, you know, we want people to come out and spend their money and buy fireworks from us. But we also want them to be safe,” Tinkler said. “We shouldn’t be bringing in the new year in the emergency room.”

Tinkler also said being responsible for these dangerous explosives means picking up once the New Year begins. 

“We want their children to be safe. We want them to clean up after themselves. I mean, everything has to be done outside the city limits,” Tinkler said.  “We just asked people to be respectful of the land that they’re popping the fireworks on, and that they’re careful.”