LUBBOCK, Texas — The Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating a series of fires Tuesday night and said they were possibly related to another series of fires reported April 26.

Lubbock Fire Rescue responded to three fires between 8:59 p.m. and 9:53 p.m. in the area of Elgin Avenue and Utica Avenue from 35th Street to 54th Street. According to LFR, two of the fires involved discarded mattresses near dumpsters. A third involved a boat being set on fire, but the owners were able to extinguish it.

One of the fires spread to a wooden retaining wall and eventually into an apartment building. Four units were impacted by the fire, with 10 people displaced.

LFR said all of the fires “appeared to be related and intentionally set.”

The Fire Marshal’s Office is asking that anyone with information on the fires call (806) 775-2646 or email

Read the release by LFR below:

On Tuesday, May 4th, 2021, LFR responded to three fires between 8:59pm and 9:53pm. The fires were in between Elgin Ave. and Utica Ave. from 35th St. to 54th St. Two of the fires involved discarded mattresses near dumpsters. One of the mattress fires was in an alleyway and also burned a portion of a wood fence. The other fire was a stack of mattresses next to a dumpster in the parking lot adjacent to the Western Oak Apartment complex. The fire spread into a wooden retaining wall, fencing, and then into an apartment building. The fire immediately spread into the attic space and due to rapid fire development, the occupants had little time to act. All occupants were able to quickly and safely evacuate the structure. Four units were affected with ten people displaced. A boat was also set on fire two blocks away, and the owners were able to extinguish the fire.

LFR is alerting citizens living around these areas to check your alleyways for any mattresses or debris piled around dumpsters. All of these fires appear to be related and intentionally set. If you have items too large to discard in a dumpster, the City of Lubbock provides citizen convenience stations for drop off at the following locations:

  • Southside: 1631 84th Street
  • Northside: 208 Municipal Drive
  • South Milwaukee: 7308 Milwaukee Avenue
  • North Quaker: 4307 Adrian Street

Anyone with information regarding these incidents can contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 806-775-2646 or

Addresses and times of incidents:

April 26th, 2021

  • 3000 block of 46th St @ 5:25pm
  • 2500 block of 26th St @ 6:34pm
  • 2600 block of 28th St @ 6:57pm
  • 2800 block of 38th St @ 7:26pm
  • 2700 block of 39th St @ 7:36pm
  • 3200 block of 53rd St @ 7:52pm

May 4th, 2021

  • 3000 block of 35th St @ 8:59pm
  • 4500 block of 54th St @ approximately 9:00pm-10:00pm
  • 4600 block of 52nd St @ 9:52pm