LUBBOCK, Texas — The LISD Board of Trustees voted Thursday morning to allow students who opt for remote learning to still participate in extracurricular activities, electives and University Interscholastic League events in the coming school year. 

In a six to one vote, the board decided that online students could still be involved in electives and after-school activities, such as sports, marching band and the arts, only if they attend the classes associated with those activities in person during the school day. 

“We’ve got to do what we think is best for the biggest number of students in our district,” said LISD Board President Zach Brady. 

LISD Superintendent Kathy Rollo said that although she was initially concerned that including the remote students would “incentivize kids to go virtual,” she felt that the board had to consider students with health issues at home. 

“[Virtual education] is going to be as good as we can make it, but we know face-to-face is what is truly best for kids,” Rollo said. 

She emphasized that the school has an extensive plan for virtual education and that she feels LISD is “ready” to begin again on the projected start date of August 17. 

During the hearing, other board members also voiced their concerns, discussing the preservation of the academic experience and how to manage students showing up at various times. 

“We’re creating a loophole for some of those kids who might need the in-person instruction the most,” said Ryan Curry, LISD Board of Trustees, District 4.

“If we have two thirds of our football kids that are showing up for that class period and then leaving and then coming back for after-school practice, that’s going to be a nightmare,” said Scot Mayfield, LISD Board of Trustees, District 5.

Mayfield was the only member to vote against the decision.  However, Brady said that had the board’s decision dealt solely with UIL and sports, his vote would have also been “no.” 

Despite this, the majority of trustees agreed with Rollo’s presentation.

“We’re going to do what we need to do to keep our kids safe and to keep our staff safe,” Rollo said. 

LISD has posted the list of classes it’s offering online this school year. Parents can head to to see which classes are able to be taught virtually this fall.