Littlefield man describes events leading up to his home being set on fire

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LITTLEFIELD, Texas — On Friday, Raymond Rosemond told KLBK about the events leading up to his home being set on fire at around 7 a.m. Thursday morning.

The 67-year-old said he lost everything. He said Catrina Williams Robinson, 31, came to his home on Wednesday, asking him for money. He told her he didn’t have any, but Robinson stayed behind to talk.

Rosemond said during the conversation, Robinson stopped and reached for the his wallet.

“That’s when I called the cops, and they were supposed to have been looking for her, but I don’t think they were,” Rosemond said.

Rosemond said Robinson came back to the home at 6:50 a.m. on Thursday to set his home on fire. Littlefield Police Department said Robinson was seen running from the home moments before the flames took over.

“She’s messed up in the head,” Rosemond said.

Rosemond said some neighbors were banging on the door, trying to get him out of the burning home.

“I opened the door and when I opened the door, the fire just reached out and so I just ran on out the door,” Rosemond said.

Rosemond said he had been living at the home for more than 14 years after buying it from a family member.

“It meant everything to me because it was mine,” Rosemond said. “I guess you know when you have something of your own you know it’s…. I don’t know,” Rosemond said. “It meant everything to me, believe me.”

Rosemond said since losing his home, members of the Littlefield community have done what they can to help.

“[They brought me] Food, clothes, a little money,” Rosemond said.

Adam and Rosa Garcia said they took Rosemond items to make sandwiches as well as Gatorade. Adam Garcia said while taking his daughter to school, he saw Rosemond sitting out on his porch of his burned home.

“He thanked us and he’s like… you could tell he was pretty depressed,” Adam Garcia said.

Rosemond said it makes him feel good to have people do what they can to help, and said there are still good people in Littlefield.

“It was this little girl. She came out here, she brought me some burritos, and then gave me twenty dollars,” Rosemond said. “I thanked her for it, but tears got to my face. She was really nice. She really was.”

Rosemond said he will be staying at a motel for a few weeks until he can buy a new home. He said he will accept any donations.

He said he does not have a GoFundMe, however, members of a Facebook group, Littlefield News are working to find a way to get donations to Rosemond.

Police said Robinson was taken to the Lamb County Jail and was booked on charges of attempted capital murder, arson and retaliation.

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