LITTLEFIELD, Texas — The Littlefield Police Department said Thursday that it initiated a zero-tolerance policy for unlicensed drivers following the death of an unlicensed driver on his way to school.

“If your child is detained for operating a motor vehicle without a license or operating a motor vehicle outside of listed restrictions, your child will receive a citation,” a statement by Littlefield PD said. “The parent or guardian will receive a citation as well for allowing them to operate a motor vehicle without a license”

Malachi Frausto, 17, was killed in a crash outside of Littlefield on September 28. Frausto was a Littlefield ISD student.

“Voluntary compliance with the law has not worked,” Littlefield PD said. “Mandatory compliance is expected and there will be no more warnings. The operation of a motor vehicle is a privilege not a right.”

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