LITTLEFIELD, Texas — The Littlefield City Council this week delayed plans for the dis-annexation of the Texas Civil Commitment Center formerly known as the Bill Clayton Detention Center. The City of Littlefield plans to dis-annex the area at the request of the property owner – which just happens to be the City of Littlefield.

The City Manager, Mitch Grant, said the dis-annexation will help with future economic growth. The commitment center houses 300 or more convicted sexual predators. Statistically that adds to the city’s number of sex offenders per capita.

By dis-annexing, Grant said it will make the city look better as it tries to expand. Grant said it would have no impact on the county.

The city previously planned to put it to a vote of the city council this week. But there was an error in the legal description of the land. Grant said on Thursday that documents would be updated, and it would likely go back to the city council for a vote in September.

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The city issued the following statement on Thursday morning:

The City of Littlefield Is considering disannexing a portion of city owned land containing the Texas Civil Commitment Center. This property is currently being used as an inpatient sex offender treatment center. Disannexation is being considered due to economic development recruitment, Census issues, and municipal demographics. The City has analyzed multiple options, and will continue to do so as this process moves forward. The ultimate decision on how to proceed, if at all, will be made by the Littlefield City Council at a future meeting. No further comment will be made at this time.