LUBBOCK, Texas — Some residents of Littlefield have reported receiving notices of high-risk sex offenders in their area.

Dennis Kelley is a Littlefield resident and lives near the Texas Civil Commitment Center. Kelley said on Thursday he found 35 notice cards from the Texas Department of Public Safety detailing information of different sex offenders.

“I was like, ‘Dear Lord, no.’ They didn’t just release these inmates here because the cards were really vague,” said Kelley. “My fiancé got home, and I said, ‘Well, you’re not going anywhere after dark by yourself.”

Kelley said some of his neighbors also received the cards, and he was initially worried but that he saw a Facebook post by the Littlefield Police Department explaining the notice cards.

Chief Ross Hester, with the Littlefield Police, said they have received several calls from concerned citizens but that they should not be alarmed.

“These people are not being released onto the streets of Littlefield,” said Ross Hester. “Yes, they’re being released from prison, but they’re being committed by the signature of a judge, to the Civil Commitment here in Littlefield.”

Hester said although individuals are being released, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is still obligated by law to report the release of those persons even if they’re being committed to the Civil Commitment Center.

Hester said once sex offenders fulfill retirements at the facility, they were released to the jurisdiction where they were tried and convicted.

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