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LUBBOCK, Texas — Angelo Ramirez is a local paint artist who paints murals, children’s bedrooms, senior parking spaces, etc. He had been in action the last couple of weeks preparing senior parking spaces as school is officially in session.

Ramirez, the owner of THT Designs, started doing art as a kid by drawing on the desk in black permanent marker, and as time went on, he turned it into a passion.

“It started off as gang writing and stuff like that–luckily it evolved, and that’s when graffiti came into my life about 1997-1998. And ever since then, I’ve been doing graffiti. Since then, it slowly started evolving into a business.” Ramirez said.

According to Ramirez, his work has spread more than he ever imagined all by word-of-mouth and people referring to him as a great artist.

“My cousin hit me up almost two months ago, as soon as they found out they were going to get a spot for my cousin, and that was my first request,” Ramirez said. “After that, they started coming in pretty heavy.”

His work is shown in so many areas around Lubbock. He does canvas work, children’s bedrooms, murals, senior parking spots, and so much more.

“There is one that says “she’s evolving” and in parenthesis, it is “I’m she,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez hopes that his art makes a difference, and he can pass it on for many years to come.

“These are kids that are coming into adulthood, and they want to make a statement. Even just driving up to their parking space, they want people to see “I’m here, and I’m growing up now.” Ramirez said.

Ramirez has completed eight parking spaces so far, and the request keeps coming.

To contact Ramirez for his talent, call 806-548-9321 or message him on Facebook.

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