LUBBOCK, Texas — After the tragic passing of 10-month-old Marion Montoya, family-friends and local artists are organizing a show to raise money for Montoya’s funeral.

Family-friend and local musician, Bud Castilleja, is putting together the event.

The show will take place on Friday, January 17 at “The Den” located at 114th and University.

“I’m just amazed that this community has come together this quickly and almost immediately,” Castilleja said. “I still have people asking if they can come out and perform or help in any way.”

Castilleja said tickets are $5 and doors open at six p.m.

“I hope that we actually shine a light on this kind of thing,” Castilleja said. “Child abuse is surprisingly common and I hate to use that word.
This isn’t the first story and unfortunately it probably won’t be the last.”

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