Local business owner, family woman, philanthropist and overcomer named remarkable woman

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LUBBOCK, Texas–Local business-woman and philanthropist, Janna Aycock, owner of Aycock Mediaworks, was named one of Nexstar Media’s Remarkable Women.

From the age of 10 years old, Aycock began sharing her Christian faith with those around her. She says, “I’m a lover of God and anything that I’ve been able to do is because of Him.”

At a very early age, she learned what it meant to allow her faith to lead and guide her.

“I grew up in a home with an alcoholic father; I also was able to see him overcome that by the grace of God, and have sobriety,” Aycock shares. 

She believed that God took her broken heart and made it whole and full of gratefulness through her three children and 12 grandchildren. She’s grateful for the good health, but she says one of her granddaughters is challenged by a genetic disorder called Prader-Willi.

Aycock says, “She is likely the biggest blessing of all, to all of us.”

That’s what led Aycock to start a charity that would raise awareness and financial contributions to support research trials; it’s Addy’s Angels.

“I prayed that God would take my angles and put them in Addy,” she said. To date, they’ve raised approximately $52,000.

“Thanks God they have a trial, right now that seems to be working,” Aycock confirms.

Success has been very important to Aycock — from trying to raise three children on her own, to developing her own local advertising and media agency.

But she says, “Once I got clients, I figured out how to take care of them.” She is the owner of Aycock Mediaworks, where she has two of her three children working along side her.

But, Aycock admits she’s had her own personal struggles; even times when she was unable to provide all that she had hoped to for her family.

“I had my power turned off on occasion,” she said. “I’ve been divorced, I’ve messed up a lot, I’ve had challenges as a single mom.”

Fortunately though, she saw first-hand what redemption looks like, Aycock learned to continue putting one foot in front of the other.

“Some of the best time I had in life were when we had very little,” she said.

Today, her life looks different, it is different, but she doesn’t allow it to define her.

“More than anything, I’d want everyone to know that anything is possible,” she says.

Aycock will celebrate her 60th birthday this year, with a trip to Jerusalem with her husband, but first she plans to celebrate her mother’s birthday with an annual trip to Las Vegas.

“It’s just all by the grace of God that I enjoy life and I look forward to going where I’m gonna end up one day for sure, but I’m gonna enjoy life here on earth just a much as I can,” she says.

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