Local businesses help out dairy farmer who lost thousands due to power outage

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LUBBOCK, Texas — One local dairy family said he lost thousands in milk revenue after a winter storm knocked the power out at his farm.

Albert Pereira, owner of Pereira Pastures Dairy, said he and his wife Veronica tried their best to work through frigid cold temperatures for the first two days of the recent storm that hit the South Plains. However, he said everything changed on Wednesday.

“I start walking over to the power line. I hear either ice falling or wood breaking and I look up and all the power lines are all falling over like dominoes,” he said. “‘I’m like ‘What? How are we going go milk cows today?'”

He said losing power was devastating because a power outage meant that there would be no refrigeration for milk.

“We’re a small family farm. I mean, we’re not this big corporate machine. There’s not insurance for this. We don’t get any subsidies for this,” he said. “We are self-financed so you know it all comes from here. We feel every penny.”

Pereira said he knew that since power lines were knocked to the ground, it would not be an easy fix. So he contacted Drug Emporium to ask if the store could take some of his products.

“They really just said, ‘Hey’ without hesitation. ‘Bring us what you have and we will make it work,'” he said.

Amy Loyd, the manager of Vitamins Plus, said the Pereira family had taken in products the day before. But she could not resist helping out her neighbor.

“When he told me what happened, [I thought] anything that I can do to help ease his mind, to help make this as easy for him and save him as much money as possible,” she said.

Pereira said he posted about what happened on Facebook and received kind words and help from some community members. He said he’s grateful for the outreach he’s received and is thankful for Drug Emporium helping his family.

“We love what we do and sometimes, you know, it gets a little ugly. But our community gets together and helps us out,” he said.

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