LUBBOCK, Texas – Many families made it out to Mackenzie Park to celebrate the Fourth of July, an event small businesses spent weeks preparing for. 

Raemundo Hernandez has owned his toy business for 17 years, selling a variety of items from bubbles, chickens, to toy swords. Hernandez says it took about a year to prepare for an event like the Fourth of July, saving and buying supplies ahead of time. 

 “We prepared for a year, we had to save to buy supplies and rely on God that the weather would be good, and sell,” said Hernandez. 

Hernandez says the most rewarding part is coming together to celebrate independence, “Those of us from Mexican descent, we also feel that joy of sharing that independence and of being free and it’s something very beautiful.”

Linda Hulsey owns a food business, spending her Fourth of July selling funnel cakes and corndogs. 

“Well, you got to have a lot of good help for one thing and you got to depend on them to be here, we then get it set up. The preparedness is not really that bad, It’s just getting everything ready,” said Hulsey. 

Hulsey uses this day as a reminder of her sons who served in the Military, “It’s very, very moving, very patriotic. I had two boys in the military that I’m very proud of.”