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LUBBOCK Texas- Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 1927 on Wednesday, which allows for, among other things, permitless carry in the state.

Starting September 1, residents in Texas over the age of 21 will be able to purchase and carry a gun in public without a permit or license.

Scott Harmon, retail salesman at Sharp Shooters Safe and Gun said they anticipate more people going in to purchase guns after the law goes into affect.

“Rather than buying a gun, keeping it at home,” said Harmon, “They might be buying a gun that’s more suitable for carry, they can carry open or concealed as long as it’s in a holster.”

And although the new law won’t require a permit, Harmon recommends people still train on how to use a gun.

“Force of habit, muscle memory is a benefit, if it’s the right muscle memory, but if you’ve never had the lessons and you’re not really sure,” he said. “You could be putting other people in danger, not only yourself but other people that you may be around and not even realize it.”

Harmon stressed the importance of getting versed on the new law. Click here to read House Bill 1927.

“Don’t get caught up in some other state far from home and find yourself in jail because you didn’t know the law,” said Harmon,”[For example] Colorado you can’t carry unless you have a license, Oklahoma you can carry without a permit.”

Chris Berry, President of the Lubbock Restaurant Association, said even with the new legislation, it’s always a good idea to look for signage in businesses and establishments to ensure carrying a weapon on premises is allowed.

“If [a business] has a red sign [from TABC], that means that they’re considered a bar because they sell more alcohol than food,” he said. “Thus, [it] would be unlawful to have firearms or have it in their possession at their establishment.”

Joel Garza, Class 3 and LE Sales Manager at Sharp Shooters Safe and Gun, echoed what Harmon said and suggested that training to use a gun is always best.

Garza also said whether someone chooses to opt for a permit carry or permitless carry, proper storage of guns is always recommended.

“It’s always best to have them locked up,” said Garza. “If you have a safe or a security box in your night stand, [it’s best].”

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