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LUBBOCK, Texas — With parts of Lubbock in a state of extreme drought, some local ducks are feeling the effects as almost all the water in their pond has dried up and left them stranded and struggling.

“It is quite dire this is their home and are slowly losing any water or any place to survive,” said President of the Llano Estacado Audubon society, Glenda Kelly.

Residents in the area are even bringing over kiddie pools, buckets of water and food to try and help the ducks.

Ducks use water for everything from digesting food to avoiding predators meaning the lack of water makes them targets.

“They are vulnerable to dogs because they cannot get in the water, so anyone that has a dog running loose could run up and snatch one of the ducks,” said Executive Director of the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Gail Barnes.

She suggested to the city that water be brought to the pond to recreate their habitat because some of the ducks cannot fly. But the Director of Lubbock Parks and Recreation says that is not the right solution.

“You are creating an artificial environment that they will not leave because they have those necessary items in there. So, as conditions worsen, instead of them moving to another area, they will stay and cause damage and disease,” said Director of Lubbock Parks and Recreation, Colby VanGundy.

Instead, they have given the Audubon Society permission to capture and relocate the ducks.

“The Audubon Group we are concerned with, as a humanitarian outreach effort, what can we do, how can we bring relief to this situation,” said Kelly.

VanGundy said finding a way to help save these ducks is spec-quack-ular.

“While they are wildlife, they are something that people grow fond of because they are always out there, and they are nice and cute. I think they are just some nature people like to see,” said VanGundy.

The city and the Audubon Society are not sure where they will move the ducks yet or when they will start moving them but hope to bring these ducks to their new home soon.

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