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LUBBOCK, Texas — The workforce has changed with so many job openings, and people looking for a job aren’t necessarily taking the first job offered to them. KT Black Branch Manager Crystal Domingez said that at this point unemployment isn’t to blame.

“I know most people think, ‘Oh, everyone wants to go on unemployment,’ or, ‘It’s easy to get it.’ Nooo,” Domingez said.

Domingez said many people who have walked through KT Black’s doors have had experience with unemployment, and it’s not as easy as it can be made out to be. 

“I mean the process alone,” Domingez said, “I mean just the paperwork in the office is a pain. But the process for applying for unemployment and everything that goes into it it’s a pain. People actually have to work for it.” 

Many of the funds for unemployment were cut off months ago, but companies are still fighting to get positions filled.

“You know they have a lot of factors too,” Domingez said. “It is a multiple layer thing. It’s not just one thing hindering them.”

Many professionals say it’s not about the money. Companies are now offering 12 to 15 dollars an hour. Staffing agencies said the perks or higher pay aren’t enough. 

One of the most common explanations given is that many jobs require nights and weekends. South Plains Workforce Solutions CEO Martin Aguirre said they are helping as many parents as they can, but it’s been difficult balancing transportation with daycare hours. 

“We’re at full capacity right now. We’re servicing over 2,000 kids a day paying child care and it is very difficult to find one near your job… It’s’ not that simple,” Aguirre said.  

The overwhelming number of open positions have caused more competition. With companies growing more desperate for employees, people are tempted to jump from one job to the next.

Visions Group’s Office Manager Lisa Held said some companies said it’s also about finding the right fit. One of the biggest characteristics they’re looking for is reliability and work ethic.  

“What I plead for is to give notice. Even if it is a week’s notice. Communication is key. Because if you no call no show or walk off a job you become unemployable with vision,” Held said.

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