LUBBOCK, Texas — The spring season can mean allergies for many, but honey may be the remedy to combat the issue. 

Cal Brints is the president for Texas Country Produce, and he said while producing honey is a year-round process, the main demand for honey right now is because people want to take something other than drugs for their allergies.

Honey is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities, and Brints said, “Many people like to have the raw honey to counteract allergic reactions to the local pollen.”

He said the best kind of honey to combat these allergies, is the kind straight from the hive. 

“There’s not any additives or preservatives or anything like that, plus the benefits of the problem with our allergic reactions to pollen, as we say just like the bees eat it. That’s the way it goes in the bottle,” he explained.

Once the honey is put near the cotton fields, the bees can harvest the nectar and the pollen. Then, the honey will get put into 55-gallon containers. 

Just like many things right now, honey is in high demand, and prices are expected to rise in the near future. 

However, local honey can be bought at many locations throughout Lubbock, including: Drug Emporium, Natural Health Market, Tom’s Tree Place, and various farmer’s markets around town.